Getting a new lab top because the original had kind of die on me during a short trip... Wile getting some "my favorites" back in the list, this is the first one pop in when searching the blog that I haven't visited for some time.

Some memories!! I'm glad that I wasn't too lazy to leave no trace and regret that I was lazy enough not to preserve more.

It's been almost a year since the "incident" happened and yes, I'm going on another trip but without worries. Time probably does cure a lot of sorrow, pains and so on or with enough time which may numb a person. Travelling seems to take a big part of my life during this year

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一直以為你的生日文, 麻麻還可以寫上好幾年, 所以每年都會偷懶, 沒想到現在只能後悔莫及沒有好好保存屬於我們的時光...

12/6/1999 till forever!
雖然知道這個日子遲早會到,但要面對卻怎麼也難準備好。 感謝妳的努力,感謝妳的貼心,麻麻真的都有感受到。 希望這一生妳覺得幸福快樂的時刻比較多,也希望妳已經到沒有病痛的極樂天堂。 我們會過的很好,妳不要擔心,安心去做小天使,過好日子!
Dear Ki baby, you must have known how much we love you to see you free, hope you're happily in haven now.


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Heard about Leslie who talks to animals a while back and luckily, I was the few who got appointment made. Got exciting about it for a while, and had been telling Kiki about this upcoming conversation since, doesn't matter if she listens or not... doh..

預約狀況緊張刺激, we're lucky to get the appointment for 16:30pm, 2/19. A great coincidence was Lu家 happens to be around the area - what are the odds, huh?! (難道緣分就是如此?) Thought we can meet couple hours earlier around 14:30. Well... guess what? Leslie came in around 14:50, we all ended up doing this together.

Leslie: Do you know what happened to your eye?
Kiki: Not sure, probably hurt by fighting with others. (really? wonder if she's so insensitive or she forgot all about the treatment stage?)

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是滴, 這裡默默成了"年記"... 在FB & Line的便利使用下, 寫部落格似乎變困難, 殊不知就是自己變懶了.... XDD (Ki小咪OS: 真的, 麻麻快要比我慵懶了!! 攤手~)

可是, 對於Ki小咪一年一度的大事, 我們可不能隨便給它過掉! Ki小咪: 麻麻, 不可以偷懶喔!!

是的, 沒有 fancy cake, 但有滿滿的愛, 當作甜蜜的餡藏在好多的蛋糕裡 ^_^

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今年沒辦法再形容眼一眨時間就飛過了,因為四月底Ki小咪的左眼出現高眼壓而被診斷為青光眼,從此踏上我們點藥水的日子; 這樣也過了七個月。


是啊,人生有許多的起起伏伏,今年對我來說確實有很多的波折,是很大的打擊及傷害,或許間接也讓Ki小咪感受到了; 但今年也有因禍得福的開始享受起人生,多了許多家人及朋友的愛, 相信小咪小姐也感覺到了!

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